Pharmco Products Inc. has been a leading supplier of Alcohol based chemicals for over 70 years. Pharmco is now one of the largest suppliers of Pure Alcohol and Ethanol based solvents in North America. Pharmco ships these product to over 2,000 customers worldwide, being fully versed in all areas of international shipping and trade.

Pharmco manufactures a wide range of Pure Alcohol, Ethanol Products & other High Purity Chemicals including ACS, HPLC, GC, USP/NF, FCC & Kosher certified Solvents. We have developed extensive resources and experience in handling, blending, purifying, distilling and packaging these chemicals for research, hospitals, universities and general industrial applications including the Food, Fragrance and Pharmaceutical industries.

Pharmco is Headquartered at our distilled spirits & solvent production facility in Brookfield Connecticut. With a fully staffed & equipped laboratory, we maintain a high level of quality control both in our products and in our process. Pharmco maintains product integrity as an ISO9001:2000 facility. Our distilled spirits and solvent production facility is capable of packaging millions of gallons of finished product each year. In addition to this operation, Pharmco has 7 distilling, manufacturing & packaging operations in Canada, Europe and Asia as well as 7 other strategic manufacturing and storage sites throughout the USA. Pharmco Products represents unique opportunities to you as a supplier for a wide range of Ethanol based products as well as Reagent, High Purity and Specialty Chemicals.

Our focus is not just Ethanol related products and High Purity Solvents. Pharmco Products Inc. Specializes in custom manufacturing and unique products that are produced in few places throughout the world.