With every order, Pharmco is committed to our quality process. Ordering high purity chemicals can be confusing and complex. Selecting the correct products, grade, package and transportation method in accordance to your application requirements as well as State and Federal regulations can pose difficulties to many buyers. We offer assistance on all these levels to make sure your purchasing experience is as stress free as possible.
Please Note: Pharmco Products, Inc. does not sell any products to individuals. Only companies with qualified personnel to handle hazardous and regulated chemicals will be permitted to purchase.
The purchase of alcohol and High purity solvents can be confusing for even the most experienced buyer. Pharmco will endeavor to assist you through the maze of grade certifications (ACS, HPLC, Distilled, USP/NF, etc.), Alcohol Proofs (200, 192, 190 proof), Pure and Denatured Alcohols (over 170 products containing Ethanol) and all applicable BATF regulations. If BATF permits are required Pharmco can help direct you to the proper BATF office. Certain states are considered controlled states with their own alcohol regulations. Pharmco can assist you here as well if you do business in a controlled State.
Pharmco ships to over 2,000 customers world-wide being fully versed in all areas of international shipping and trade. We have a department dedicated to exports and can assist you in document preparation, money transfers and freight.
Pharmco accepts VISA and MasterCard as payment options. This may be required for alcohol purchases where the Federal Excise Tax exceeds the cost of the product.
Pharmco stands behind its products with technical assistance on several levels. We have product managers and quality control personnel who can offer answers to many of your products related questions. All products are tested and certified by our on-site quality control lab. Certificates of Analysis and Material Safety Data Sheets can be requested at the time an order is placed and will either ship with the order or be faxed to you once your order is shipped.
Pharmco can assist you with the most efficient way to ship your freight. Pharmco ships millions of hazardous solvents through-out the US every year. We have negotiated substantial freight discounts with our carriers and offer these to our customers on a prepaid and add basis (we pay the freight and bill you based upon our discount with the carrier). This can save you substantially on your cost of transportation.