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Clinical Reagent Manufacturers and Suppliers we Represent

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Dehydrated Culture Media at Very Competitive Prices Price list
Advantec MFS
Micro Filtration Technology for Laboratory and Process Systems. Filter Paper and Membrane Filters Price list
Barnstead Thermolyne
Baths, Cryogenics, Dispensers/Dilutors, Karl Fisher, Fluorometers, Furnace Controllers,
Heating Tapes/Mantles/Mats, Hot Plates, Hot Plate Stirrers, Ovens, Furnaces, Water Purification Systems Price list
C & A Scientific Co., Inc.
Microscopes for Educational, Biological, Laboratory and Industrial use.
Premiere® and Okando® brand Microscope Slides and Cover Glass's. Specialty Slides and Slide Mailers
Clinical Thermometers, Scientific & Education Laboratory Products. Please call
Chicago Faucet Company
Laboratory Faucets, Gas, Air, Water, Vacuum. Safety Drench Showers and Eye Wash Stations all at excellent prices. Prices

Price list
Cincinnati Surgical
Surgical Blades, Needles, Scalpels and 3M Littmann Stetheoscopes. Price List
Clinical Diagnostic Solutions
CDS Next Generations Instrumentations/Parts,Hematology Reagents,Hematology Controls and Calibrations. Reagents Systems for Hematology, Chemistry,Immunochemistry and Molecularbiology. also Coulter® Brand Quality Products Please call
Clover Labs
Manufacturer of a Mini-Centrifuge for the Medical Laboratory Industry for only $190.00 and it has a 1 year Warranty. Price List
Fisher Scientific Company
Instruments, Apparatus, Chemicals and Laboratory Supplies for Industry. Price List
Gallard Schlesinger Industries
Macherey - Nagel Test Papers for pH. Quantofix Test papers for Ions. Please call
Gibson Labs
Culti-Swabs, Oxidase Swab, Culture Medias, Prepared Plated Medias. Please call
Glas-Col Laboratory Equipment
Mantle/Control Packages,Shakers, Vortexers, Rotators, Stirrers, Homogenizers Price list
Globe Scientific Inc.
Disposable Laboratory Plasticware Specialists for Clinical Laboratories. Price List
Hardy Diagnostics
Criterion Dehydrated Culture Media, Rapid Test Kits, Stains, Reagents, Dehydrated Media, Animal Blood Products,
Gas Generators, Specimen Transports, QC Organisms, Susceptibility Disks, and Clinical Products

Price list
Heathrow Scientific
Manufacturer of Quality Laboratory Products: Tube Racks, Interlocking Racks, Microscope Supplies, Pipetting Aids, Measurement Products, Timers, Counters & Bag Sealers.. Price List
Hedwin Corporation
Packaging Containers, Taps, Faucets, Dispensing Systems you can rely on. Cubitainers®, Hedpak®, Payliner® Pail Liner, Topliner® Pail Divider, Winliner® Film Liner, Headliner® Drum Liner, Winpak® Tight Head Pails. Please call
High FiveProducts, Inc.
High Performance Gloves: Latex Powder - Free Exam Gloves, Latex Powdered Exam Gloves, Vinyl Exam Gloves, Synthetic Exam Gloves, Nitrile Exam Gloves Please call
Hyperion, Inc.
Specialists In Modular Immunoassay Instrumentation & Accessories
Microplate Readers, MicroReader®1, MicroReader®3, MicroReader®4, MicroReader®4 Plus, HyPrep® Plus Programmable Robotic System, ThermoPrep® Heating Block for HyPrep Plus, ThermoPrep 2 Heating and Shaking Block for HyPrep Plus, Microplate Washers MicroWasher®, Microplate Heater/Shaker, Microplate Programmable Incubator/Shaker Please call
Hyvac Products Inc.
HyVac® Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum Pump Oils, Gauges and Sealants. Please call
Jencons Scientific
Liquid Handling Instruments and Supplies, Safetypette, Repette, Microzippette, Digitrate, Zippette, Sealpette, Powerpette, Perimatic, Millennium Microplate Washers, Radiation Protection Shielding, Distillation and Water Stills, Dewars and Desiccators Catalog with prices in pdf format 4.5mb
Kendall Healthcare Company, Tyco Healthcare .
Oxford® Labware Products: Pipettes/Tips, Repetitive Dispensers and Labware Supplies.
Monoject Needles & Syringes, Sterile Blood Collection Tubes & Accessories. Please call
Kent Elastomer Products Inc.
Rubber Tubing and Products made of Natural Latex. Please call
Lab Design, Division of United Hospital Supply Corp.
Manufacturers of Steel and Laminated Laboratory Casework. Benchs, Tables, Floor and Wall Cabinets Please call
Lab Glass
Laboratory Glassware, Adapters, Beakers, Burets, Chromatography Columns, Condensers, Cylinders, Dessicators, Distilling Apparatus, Extraction Apparatus, Filtration, Flasks, Funnels, Organic Lab Kits and Lots more! Price List
Lab-line® Instruments, Inc.
Environmental Chambers, Furnaces, General Apparatus, Heaters, Mixers, Stirrers, CO2Incubators, Standard Incubators, Ovens, Refrigerators/Freezers, Shakers, Water Baths.Ultrasonic Water Baths, Constant Temperature Products.
This company is a division of Barnstead Thermolyne Price list
LW Scientific, Inc.
Microscopes for Educational, Biological, Laboratory and Industrial use. Video Microscope Systems. Fiber Optic Illumination Products. Elisa Readers, Spectrophotometers, Centrifuges, Urine Reagent Strips, Pregnacy Tests, Chemistry Analyzers. Price list
Metro Inc.
Metro® Brand Laboratory Carts, Shelving, Material Handling and Storage for Educational, Biological, Chemical and Clinical Laboratories. Please call
Nasco Sampling Products Inc.
Whirl-Pak® Sampling Bags and Sampling Products for Food, Grain, Soil, Water and Wastewater Analysis. Price List
Liquid Sampling & Dispensing Systems,
Liquid Handling Pipettors & Dispensers. Automatic Liquid Processing Systems Please call
Polar Ware
Stainless Steel Products for the Laboratory. Please call
Quincy Lab Inc.
Incubators, Gravity Convection and Forced Air Laboratory Ovens, Slide Cabinets Price List
Scientech Inc.
Analytical and Top Loading Digital Balances Price List
Scientific Laboratory Supplies Inc.
Bottles: Dropping, Serum, General Purpose Glass & Plastic. Droppers, Caps and Closures. Vials: chromatography
Environmental, Scintillation, Transport, Cryogenic, General Purpose. Bailers and Other Laboratory Products. Price List
Spectrum Chemicals & Laboratory Products (Spectrum Chemical)
Reagent Chemicals, Laboratory Equipment and Supplies. Price List
Sper Scientific LTD.
Unique Laboratory Products: Optics, Liquid Handling,
Thermometers, SAMA Range, Digital & Minimum Maximum,
Dial and Digital Hygrometers & Barometers, Weather Stations, Timers, Meters Price List
Stanbio Laboratory
Chemistries, Pregnancy Tests, Serology, Clinical Instruments.
Reagents & Supplies Catalog (587 KB PDF file)
Clinical Instruments Brochure (171 KB PDF file)
Pregnancy Testing Brochure (587 KB PDF file)
Pipettors Brochure (56 KB PDF file)
Serology Brochure (66 KB PDF file) Price list
Stem Corporation
Reaction Stations, Stem Laboratory Reacto - Stations®, Dri Baths Heating, Stirring and Chilling, Dri baths Heating and Shaking
for the combinatorial chemistry Laboratory. Please call
Streck Laboratories Inc.
Manufactures hematology, chemistry and histology products for the clinical laboratory. Recognized worldwide as an innovator of hematology control products, Streck currently manufactures 25% of the hematology controls used in the United States and 35% of the controls worldwide. Price List
Survivair® A Divison of Bacou® USA Safety, Inc.
Air Purifying Respirators, Cartridges and Filters Please call
Laboratoy Stirrers Please call
Baths, Cryogenics, Dispensers/Dilutors, Karl Fisher, Fluorometers, Furnace Controllers,
Heating Tapes/Mantles/Mats, Hot Plates, Hot Plate Stirrers, Ovens, Furnaces, Water Purification Systems Price list
Torrey Pines Scientific
Digital Hot Plate/Stirrers, Analog Hot Plate/Stirrers, Bench Top Chilling Incubator, HPLC Column Chiller/Heater Price List
VWR Scientific Products
Instruments, Apparatus, Chemicals and Laboratory Supplies for Industry. Price List
Vee Gee Inc.
VanGuard Brand Microscopes for Educational, Biological, Laboratory and Industrial use.
Sibata® and Bomex® Brand Laboratory Glassware: Beakers, Flasks, Burets, Graduated Cylinders, Separatory Funnels, Crucibles, Filter Holders, Pipets, Stoppers
Atago® Brand Refractometers.
Vee Gee Brand Liquid Handling Pipettors & Dispensers.
Thermometers Glass General use and ASTM, Bi Metal Thermometers, Wall Mounted Thermometers, Pocket Thermometers. Please call
Vulcon Technologies
Manufacturer of Centrifuges for the Medical Laboratory Industry.
Clinaseal, Microspin, Quantum, Variseal, Mobilespin, Clinaspin.
Manufacturer of Hemo-Dyne Hematology Blood Rocker and Rototron Benchtop Rotator. Price list
Waring Laboratory®
Manufacturer of Waring Laboratory® Blenders and Accessories, Laboratory Micronizers, Lab Mixers and Ice Crushers. Price list
Worklon (A Division of Superior Surgical Manufacturing Inc.)
Worklon® Laboratory Coats, Smocks.
Cleanroom Apparel for Pharmaceutical, Biotechnical, Food Processing, Cosmetic, Optical, Medical Device and other industries concerned with controlling particles, fluids and bacteria.
Hospital Smocks, Frocks, Gowns and Accessories. Please call

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