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Glassware Manufacturers we Represent

Manufacturers Name Website
Price list
Corning Life Sciences
Pyrex Brand Laboratory Glassware. Price List
Kimax and Kontes Brand Laboratory Glassware. Price List
LabGlass Brand Laboratory Glassware.
Catalog 12.4MB PDF
Price List
Tech Glass / Glastron
Laboratory Glassware, Specific Gravity Bottles, Burets, Chromatography Columns, Condensers, Cylinders, Distilling Apparatus, Extraction Apparatus, Filtration, Flasks, Funnels, plus a lot more!
Catalog 9.1MB PDF
Price List
Vee Gee
Sibata and Bomex Brand Laboratory Glassware.
PDF Glassware Catalog 2.5MB
Price List

Last Updated on Janurary 7, 2002