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Corning® Electrochemistry
Corning® Electrochemistry Products: pH Meters, Portable and Benchtop pH, Specific Ion, Conductivity, ORP, and Dissolved Oxygen Meters. Check-Mite Portable pH Testers, Checkmate II pH System and Checkmate II Dissolved Oxygen System..
Catalog 1.5mb PDF
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Engineered Systems & Design
pH Meters, Test Meters for Conductivity, ORP, pH, Dissolved Oxygen and Turbidity. Price List
Extech Instruments Corporation
Manufacturers Equipment and Scientific Test Instruments.
Product Categories: Airflow Meters, Cable Testers, Calibrators, Clamp-on Meters, Controllers/Panel Meters, Counting Scales, Dataloggers, Electrical Testers, Fiber optic Meters, Force/Torque/Vibration, Gas Analyzers/Testers, Humidity Meters Lab Instruments, Light Meters, Moisture Meters, MultiMeters, pH meters, Power Analyzers, Power Supplies, Pressure Meters, Psychrometers, Refractometers, Sound Meters, Specialty Meters, Stopwatches/Timers/Clocks, Tachometers/Stroboscopes, Thermometers, Viscotesters and Water Quality Meters. Price List
Hanna Instruments
pH Meters, Specific Ion Test Instruments, Test Meters for Conductivity, Humidity, ORP, pH, Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen,
Chemical Oxygen Demand COD and many others.
Hanna pdf Catalogs

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Jenco Instruments
pH Meters, ISE "Ion Sensing Electrode", Specific Ion Test Instruments, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Thermometers and other test instruments for:
Water / Fluid Quality Instruments, Process Measurement / Control, and Temperature.
Catalog 518kb PDF
Price List
Lamotte Company
Testing Products for Environmental Science, Pool & Spa, Soils, Water Quality, and Others Price list
Orbeco Analytical Systems,Inc.
Orbeco-Hellige Products for Water and Wastewater Analysis.
Catalog 2004 401kb
Price List
Laboratory and Field Instrumentation, On-line Instrumentation.
WTW Manufactures of Electrochemistry Products: pH, ORP, ISE, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, BOD/Respiration, Spectrophotometry, Turbidity and Colony Counting.
Catalog 6.5mb PDF
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Last Updated on January 22, 2004